Standard shipping has NO TRACKING INCLUDED ! I did not find a way to implement this option in the store system. If you absolutely want to have Tracking for your order send an additional 2 EUR with PayPal to and mention you want Tracking for your order in the comment section.

At one point the store implemented PayPal checkout brought stupid problems which no one at ecwid was able to solve it, so I had to go for a workaround. If you choose PayPal as payment option please send the total amount through PayPal directly to ! Friends option would be cool since it saves me fees but I totally understand if you prefer the protected option.

I (yes, this is a 1 person operation) always try to send out as soon as possible, but sometimes it can take up until a week until i manage to have everything ready to ship and actually brought to the post office. So if you can´t handle a bit of waiting time go somewhere else, thank you !